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Christopher Plummer as Hamlet and Louise Perez as Ophelia in Hamlet RSC's 2004 Season

“The most ambitious theatre in Rockland is not on stage at Antrim, Elmwood or even Helen Hayes. It’s not on stage at all but on grass, stairs, podiums and planters at Rockland Community College.” 
   ~Jordan Davis – The Rockland Review

“It was a delightful and enjoyable experience. Seeing the various ages of the people attending was very interesting. There were young, middle-aged and seniors. They had blankets, picnic baskets and it was really just a joy to see the mixture of people. “ 
   ~Letter to the Producer and President

Christopher Plummer as Touchstone and Marisa Gore as Celia - As You Like It - RSC's 2005 Season

“One of my friends is an English major who was principal of a New York City School and had seen Shakespeare (performed) many times in many places and she could not get over the delight of this presentation”
~Ms. Grace Cooper – Letter from an audience member

“This is one of the best times we have had as a family all summer. We come back every year and bring our kids. They love to see how the plays will be staged every year. I simply cannot believe why anyone would pass up such a fun experience seeing quality theatre in the area...Especially when it’s Free!
~Mrs. Joan Crouse – Letter from an audience member
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